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Mind if I said something not terribly nice to you?

You, right. Have you ever killed people?

I have.

Don’t give me that poop face.

Anyone who so much as worked on a farm would have killed lots of living things.

Even if it’s only chicken or cows, killing takes a lot of mental strength.

To counter that fatigue, people have tried getting used to it or immersing themselves in it, or even resort to religion or hunger treatment. Before you get the knack of how, though, it still takes mental strength.

I don’t know about you as a kid. But when people grow up, a lot of them would hesitate to even stomp on ants. What about you?

Hey…hey…hang on, wasn’t I just telling you not to put on that poop face? It’s not like I’m lecturing you or anything. Or preaching. Or suggesting that you become a vegetarian.

All right. I won’t bring up animals again. I love raw meat, and I’m quite proud of it. But that’s not terribly relevant -

What’s relevant is people.

Actually, it takes a lot of strength to kill people.

Ahhh, don’t get me wrong. It is easy to kill people. You push them in front of a train, or drive an ice pick into the back of their heads. Easy. It’s got nothing to do with gender or age or experience. If you can’t win by force, there’s always the option of poisoning.

Well, of course I’m not talking about those who got eyes on the back of their heads and can easily dodge bullets or have developed tolerance for poisons. Those aren’t human. Like the Headless Rider who might never have been alive to begin with, and the guy who can throw vending machines around with his one hand.

……Oops, I digress. Sorry.

Anyway, point is it’s easy to kill people.

But the act of actually killing them takes monstrous strength.

People die easily. But going from [wanting to kill] to [actually killing] is a tiresome process.

Kids fight and kill each other all the time for trivial reasons - you’ve heard of such things before, haven’t you?

But adults, who are much stronger than kids, even armed with guns……they would be telling themselves, [Now, I’m gonna kill that person] for days. But when they’re actually about to do it - that instant drains them. Especially when it’s their first time. When they finally used to it things would get better, - but then there would be no way back; isn’t that what that soldier said on TV when he returned from a mission somewhere?

Hmmm - so basically I’m saying, for you normal people, it is very hard to kill someone calmly.

Much easier to throw an anger fit and yell, [I’m gonna kill you!] and just fire the gun.

Isn’t that just fascinating.

You can’t kill anyone without meaning to. Even if you can, it would still be an accident. Not that it renders you not guilty, though. What makes all the difference between [going to kill] and [killed] is your resolve.

So I’m going to ask you again.

Can you actually kill people?

You, an information broker in Shinjuku who likes to play around with several people at once.

Yet you love the humankind more than anyone else, don’t you?

I’m asking you, Orihara Izaya.

Can you actually kill people? With your own hands, can you kill them?

Even with your switchblade you just stab randomly without aiming at anywhere fatal. You fool around, that’s what you do.

So when all’s said and done……you got no tricks up your sleeves except for manipulating others.

What a lowlife and coward you are. It makes me laugh.



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—Simon Brezhnev 

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