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The Choice of Steins;Gate

Kurisu Makise: x 

Series: Steins;Gate

Photography: x


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Okabe/Kurisu - "Don’t fucking touch me." HAHAHA

Okarin had learned the dreaded red sea of Kurisu. There were two things he knew. One: It wasn’t pretty. Two: He knew how to deal with it—well, he kind of understood how to—it’s a work in progress (subject name to change).

All he had done was put a hand on her shoulder while she was on the PC, playing a video game. Okay, a horror video game, and maybe she had the lights turned off, and headphones on. His hand immediately left as soon as she demanded it. He’d like to keep all of his fingers. They were important for experiments, you know! 

Kurisu paused the game quickly, and pulled the headphones down to hang around her neck. Frowning at him, she raised a hand and hit him in the stomach. “DON’T do that!” 

Okarin cleared his throat, and gave the redhead a playful smirk, letting out a maniacal laugh. “What’s a matter, assistant? Did you piss your pants?” He asked, laughing heartily. 

Kurisu met him with a steely-eyed look, lips pursed, one eyebrow ticked in annoyance. She let out a soft sigh, “what do you want, Okabe?” 

Okarin opened his mouth to answer, and realized maybe he shouldn’t make this confession now. He closed his mouth, and gave his girlfriend a weak smile. “I might’ve ate your pudding, but I’ll get you another one.” He said quickly, like a string of words smushed together. 


Okarin turned on his heel, and made his way downstairs, and out of the lab, yelling about having to meet Daru at May Queen, but he wasn’t quite sure if Kurisu heard him over her own yells. 

Maybe now would be a good time to switch timelines?



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The characters of Steins;Gate aged up to Robotics;Notes time (2010 to 2019/2020)

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1 drink when Okabe uses his phone
1 drink when Okabe maniacally laughs
Finish your drink when a main character dies
1 drink whenever Kurisu says she’s not a tsundere




Bonus Hardcore Rule:

1 drink per “But he’s a guy”.

waterfall mode: until Moeka speaks more than two words, vocally

drink every time Daru expresses the importance of seeing Feyris or his 2D Wives. 

drink every time Feyris ‘nyans’. 

drink everytime Amane glares at Kurisu.

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