Yo! The name is Karrissa, but people on this site also refer to me as Karri (car-ee), but it's your choice to which one you would prefer! c:

23. Female. Taken by a wonderful boy named Joshua. Food destroyer. Seasoned fangirl. Con Vlogger of Colorless Productions

You can mostly find me running around cons like a chicken with its head cut off, or crying over college exams.

Hope to see ya around, my darlings!

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Warning: You will see some NSFW every now and then.

Disclaimer: Icon is not mine. It was on a list of rp icons that were free to use. I have liked/reblogged that post since.


The Doctor turns up on your doorstep to take you away.The 18th gif in your folder is your reaction, the 48th is what you’re wearing, the 21st is a clue to your first adventure, and the 9th is why you eventually leave.

My reaction:

I’m wearing:

Our First…


What I’m wearing: 

lol accurate. 



Why I leave: 

I…get bored? I move to Canada?

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