Yo! The name is Karrissa, but people on this site also refer to me as Karri (car-ee), but it's your choice to which one you would prefer! c:

23. Female. Taken by a wonderful boy named Joshua. Food destroyer. Seasoned fangirl. Con Vlogger of Colorless Productions

You can mostly find me running around cons like a chicken with its head cut off, or crying over college exams.

Hope to see ya around, my darlings!

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Disclaimer: Icon is not mine. It was on a list of rp icons that were free to use. I have liked/reblogged that post since.


Pandering to your Nagisa genderfluid headcanons since 2014. #nagisahazuki #free #cosplay #splashfree #selfies


Pandering to your Nagisa genderfluid headcanons since 2014. #nagisahazuki #free #cosplay #splashfree #selfies


VORONA CONFIRMED FOR DURARARA!!X2. We are ready for some senpai/kouhai action over here!

Shizuo: laughingturtles

Vorona: karrissarella

Photography: levelup-photography

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever made, smh. 


The Choice of Steins;Gate

Kurisu Makise: x 

Series: Steins;Gate

Photography: x


"Hanji, if you get in the tub — you get to research titans." 

"But…I don’t want to get in the tub, Levi." 

Levi: x 

Hanji: x 

Photo by Glen. 

ugh men shirts.


"No panties! NO PANTIES!" I’d apologize for being a pervert, but really, I’m not at all sorry. 

FemKida / Linda: karrissarella

FemShizuo / Shizuka: laughingturtles

Series: Durarara!! Rule 63 / Genderbend

Photography: levelup-photography


Photo taken in Taylor, MI

Linda - karrissarella

Shizuka - laughingturtles

Durarara!! ©Ryohgo Narita


Hanji Zoe: karrissarella

Series: Shingeki no Kyojin

Photography: elleontheradio

Taken at Colossalcon ‘14

Rin: Courtney

Haru: Kidacake

Gou: Olivia

Rei: Taywood

Nagisa: Karrissarella

Makoto: Rai

Series: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Photography: Pyroh

Taken Youmacon 2013

(Source: colorlessproductions)

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